Student Events


Master academic writing

4 steps to getting published

Course run by: Dr Lucie Bland (Writing Coach & Editor)

Sunday 1st December 12:00pm - 4:30pm


Writing an academic paper or a thesis can be a baptism of fire, especially for graduate students and English as a Second Language researchers. And it doesn’t get any better! As time goes on, we can be less and less motivated to write, even though these international papers are key to career progression.

This workshop addresses four of the main pitfalls faced by graduate students and early career researchers:

  • Writer’s block and low writing productivity

  • Lack of clarity and poor manuscript organisation

  • Outdated (or no) techniques to edit your work effectively

  • Lack of understanding of audience and impact

During the workshop, attendees will complete practical exercises and discuss their results in groups. Worksheets and course materials will be provided.

After completing this workshop, attendees will be able kickstart their writing productivity and write manuscripts with more ease. Written communication is an essential skill for many jobs and students will be able take these skills forward for the rest of their careers.

Lunch, Afternoon tea, and a networking mixer with drinks from 5pm, prior to the official welcome function at 6:30pm